The Important tourist spots in Malaysia is given below :
  • Malaysia
  • This gastronomical paradise attracts tourists from across the world for it natural beauty, famous tourist attractions, colorful festivals, happening nightlife, international shopping experience, skyscrapers and first world infrastructure. While touring Malaysia one should not miss out the great experience of visiting Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and other tourist destinations like Melacca, Georgetown etc.
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Kuala Lumpur is famous as an 'Asian tiger' city. Over the ages, it has grown from a pastoral setting to a busy city inhibiting about over a million people. The city is known universally as KL. It appears the visitors as a just another cosmopolitan Asian city, which nestles sky kissing skyscrapers and other towering edifices. But apart from its modernity, even today KL still retains and cherishes quite a big part of its fundamental temperament and local various hues that are on an edge to be wiped out in other Asian cities, which are booming in today's world. The chief attractions of Kuala Lumpur lie in the historical twin Petronas Towers-the tallest building in the world-that are located on the west coast, plenty of its colonial structures in its center, a vivacious Chinatown with street vendors all across, sparkling night markets, and a lively Little India. The city has an interesting mix of elegant architecture decorating the whole city; KL has elegant colonial buildings, in contrast with soaring modern edifices.
  • Melacca
  • Melacca is a delightful old town located in the south of Malaysia. It is a town that is immersed in history. It presents an interesting combination of Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British cultures. This city with a sleepy backwater offers the tourists great vivacious activities, like wandering in the historical ruins, gazing at the ancient junks sailing on the flowing river water, permeating the waterfront with an eternal charm. The city can be seen full of maze-like Chinese streets, temples antique shops, and nostalgic parts of the European colonial era. Tourists can surely enjoy the dominant relic of the Dutch period in the oldest Dutch building in Asia, which is turned into an excellent Ethnographic Museum, which would tell you about the historical and cultural aspects. If you are desperate to witness the multi-hued display of religious architecture in Melacca, the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is a must visit for you. It is one of the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia. The other fascinating area to be is the old part of Melacca. Here, you can find many of Melacca's famous antique shops for excellent shopping and collection of souvenirs.
  • Georgetown
  • Georgetown is located in Penang Island, off the Malaysia Peninsula's northwest coast. It is the one of the oldest British settlement in Malaysia and also one of the country's leading resort areas. The island's beaches are flaunted in Malaysia, you can also find them somewhat overvalued. Georgetown is the unrivaled secret of them vibrancy of Penang Island, as it is the best city of this area. Having an aura of Chinese culture, your tour to Georgetown can be your journey back into the era of 50 years before. As, Georgetown is a little compact city; the tourists can delightfully wander here at the streets of the city. There are several attractions to wonder at in the city, beautiful old Chinese houses, temple ceremonies, vegetable markets, trishaws, mahjong games and all other vivacities of Asian life, which you can never guess before.
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Located in the centre of Peninsular Malaysia, Cameron Highlands comprises of a series of hill stations. It is a fertile area and thus it is the center of Malaysia's tea industry and the place where locals and tourists arrive to chill out far away from the heat of the plains. Attractions of Cameron Highlands include waterfalls, jungle walks, tour of tea plantations, plenty of wild flowers and beautiful gardens.
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  • أهرامات الجيزة وأبو الهول ، ممفيس ، سقارة
  • خطوة الى الوراء في الوقت المناسب لأيام مصر القديمة في جولة خاصة من أهرامات الجيزة العظيمة وأبو الهول ، وجبانة سقارة والعاصمة السابقة ،
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