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Kerala Holidays Calicut

  also known as Calicut, is a city in the state of Kerala in southern India on the Malabar Coast. Kozhikode is the third largest city in Kerala and is part of the second largest urban agglomeration in Keralawith a metropolitan population of 2,030,519 as per 2011 census. It is the headquarters of the Kozhikode district.
During classical antiquity and the Middle Ages, Kozhikode was dubbed the "City of Spices" for its role as the major trading point ofeastern spices. It was the capital of an independent kingdom ruled by the Samoothiris (Zamorins) in Middle Ages and later of the erstwhile Malabar district under British rule. Muslim Arab merchants traded with the region as early as 7th century, and Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed at Kozhikode on May 20, 1498. A Portuguese factory and fort was intact in Kozhikode for short period (1511–1525, until the Fall of Calicut), the English landed in 1615 (constructed a trading post in 1665), followed by the French(1698) and the Dutch (1752). In 1765, Mysore captured Kozhikode as part of its occupation of Malabar Coast.Recently Kozhikode was given the tag of "City of Sculptures" (Shilpa Nagaram) because of the various architectural sculptures located in various parts of the city.
Kozhikode, once a famous cotton-weaving center, gave name to the Calico cloth


Kozhikode is a town with a long recorded history. From time immemorial, the city has attracted travelers with its prosperity. It has traded in spices like black pepper and cardamom with Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians, and Chinese for more than 500 years. As Kozhikode offered full freedom and security, the Arab and the Chinese merchants preferred it to all other ports. The globe-trotter Ibn Batuta (A.D. 1342-47) said:
"We came next to Kalikut, one of the great ports of the district of Malabar, and in which merchants of all parts are found."
Kozhikode was the capital of Malabar during the time of Zamorins (in Malayalam Samoothiri), who ruled the region before the British took over.

The city's first recorded contact with Europe was when Vasco da Gama landed at Kappad (18 km north) in May 1498, as the leaders of a trade mission from Portugal. He was received by the Zamorin himself


Kerala Holidays - Krishna Menon Museum

Krishna Menon Museum situated at East Hill is 5 km by bus from the Railway station / city bus station. Lying adjacent to pazhassi raja Museum,  a store house of knowledge.

Kerala Holidays - Calicut Beach 

1.5 Km from the city.  A place to spend your evening. The sea piers almost 125 years old extending well inside the sea are specialty. The Lions Club Childrens Park along with the nearby ice-cream parlours make evenings pleasant for visiting families. Fishermen with their small rowing boats entering the sea, fighting the waves and returning with varieties of fish is worth watching.

Kerala Holidays - Beypore

Situated 11 Km from the city, off Kallayi road. City buses ply form the city bus station and Palayam terminals. The hall mark of Beypore is its traditional ship building yard where the world famous "URU" is build, which has been a mode of transportation on the high seas for ages.

Kerala Holidays - Kappad

Situated 16 km from the city.Thiruvangure 3 km away from beach,  a stroll along the stretch takes you to the beach where,Vasco  Da Gama the famous Portughese traveller alighted  four centuries back, in search of the land of fantasy - India. Beach accommodation at Kappad Beach Resort.

Kerala Holidays - Peruvannamuzhi

Situated 60 KM from Calicut city. Places of interest are the dam site, Crocodile farm, bird sanctuary and facility for boating.

Kerala Holidays - Kakkayam

78 km from calicut city. The oorakuzhi water falls and dam site are places of interest.

Kerala Holidays - Thusharagiri water falls

68 km from calicut city via kodancheri brilliant for the famous eye catching water falls which exhilarates you. Accommodation not available.

Kerala Holidays - Kakkadam Poyil

Well known for its serene water falls and nearby lush streams.

Kerala Holidays - Dolphin's Point

Here one can see in the early hours of the morning dolphins playing in the sea. The beach, 2 km from Calicut town centre is along stretch of tree lined sand popular with the local people because of the Lions Club park, the Light House and the two piers - and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy in the evening breeze.

Kerala Holidays - Science Planetarium

Kozhikode wins a place in the planetarium map of the world. Situate within city at Jaffarkhan Colony. It reveals the mysteries of universe and enlightens about the planets and stars. Shows are at 12.00, 2.00, 4.00 & 6.00 pm.

Kerala Holidays - Kalipoika

A recreational boating centre within the heart of city can be seen at Arayadathupalam. Boating in pedal boats and row boats are facilitated here. Timing 8.00 am - 7.00 pm

Kerala Holidays - Malabar House Boats

For luxury boating and exploring pristine back waters of Kozhikode, House Boats can be availed. The novel concept and excellent hospitality in this floating palace is worth enjoying, with family and friends. These are the first fully newly built House Boats of Kerala. These are stationed at Purakkattiri, close to Purakkattiri Bridge on Ullery - Perambra road. 10 km . from Kozhikode.

Kerala Holidays - Kadalundi BirdSanctuary

The sanctuary at Kadalundi is a Haven for migratory birds. Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sand pipers, Whimbrels and other such migratory birds flock from the month of November and returns only by the end of April. It is 25 km. from Kozhikode. The ideal season to visit is from December to April in the early hours of the day. BEYPORE It is one of the important ports and fishing harbor. Ancient Beypore had been the centre of ship building industry where merchants from West Asia and Middle East regularly placed orders for huge wooden crafts, locally called as URU's. This art is a mnemonic tradition of almost 1500 yrs old. It is 15 km. from Kozhikode.

Kerala Holidays - Lokanarkavu Temple

The Lokanarkavu Temple is 5km from vbatakara, 20km south of Mahe. This serene temple complex has three temples; one to Durga-the main diety, one to Siva and the other to Vishnu. All the temples are open to Hindus only. The Siva Temple contains vivid paintings, which are replicated wooden carvings at the entrance.

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