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  Kerala with longest coastlines

Beaches are one of the most important tourist attractions in Kerala. Although Kovalam is the most popular beach in Kerala, there are many other beaches which are almost as good. The long coastline lined with swaying coconut palm trees and dotted with an occasional fishing hamlet is fast developing into one of the world's best string of beaches. Though infrastructure is yet to come up in many of the beaches, the advantages in those beaches are many, the most important one: being less crowded.

A family trip combined with a beach holiday is one of the most enjoyable ways of spending a vacation. For a beach holiday on any one of the unmatchable beaches of India is the perfect holiday that has something in it for everyone. The sun, sand, sea and surf are just the ingredients for mixing some high spirits and enthusiasm in your life!
Kerala is blessed with one of the longest coastlines in the India, and has some untouched and heavenly beach locations that are a delight unto themselves. You will find plenty of isolated coves with long, clean uninterrupted stretches of golden sand that are just the right distance away to give you privacy while at the same time allowing you access to nearby towns and their conveniences.

A sunrise over the horizon turning the sea into molten gold. The crashing surf streaming up the sand and then receding again, leaving behind sea shells and driftwood. The swaying fringed shadow of the palms. On the eastern and western coasts of Kerala, endless beaches offer you a balmy holiday. Go southwards to the white sands of Kovalam on the Malabar coast. On the Coromandel coast in the east are the rock-cut temples by the sea at Mamallpuram. These breathtaking beaches promise the perfect escape to tranquility.

Kerala with its vast coastline has some of the world's most unspoilt beaches. Architectural tourism has always had a strong pull on the South. The beach tours of Kerala offer tranquility of mind, soul and body.

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